non + x is dedicated to the critique of western Buddhism and similar contemporary ideological systems of thought and practice.

We view critical pracitce as simultaneously destructive and creative. For we hold that "the conditions of a true critique and a true creation are one and the same: the destruction of the image of thought which presupposes itself and the genesis of the act of thinking in thought itself." (Gilles Deleuze)


Our goal "consists in wresting vital potentialities of humans from the artificial forms and static norms that subjugate them" (Marjorie Gracieuse).




Gone with the Wind of Tarot: John Starr Cooke and the Esoteric Tradition in the West, by Camelia Elias

The Truth of Anatman, by Tom Pepper

How to Xplode X-buddhism, by Matthias Steingass

Critical Thinking as Spiritual Practice, by Patrick Jennings

Žižek v. Buddhism: Who's the Subject?, by Adrian J. Ivakhiv




(B ⊂ R) ⇒ ?: If Buddhism is a Religion, then what? by Richard K. Payne

A Buddhist Critique of Cartesian Dualism, by William S. Waldron

Taking Anatman Full Strength, by Tom Pepper

Creative Writing

Ninth Letter, by Akilesh Ayyar


Review of The Scientific Buddha: His Short and Happy Life, by Donald S. Lopez, Jr., and Buddha's Brain, by Rick Hanson and Richard Mendius,

by Tom Pepper




Sutras of Flesh and Blood, by Glenn Wallis

Cessation of Craving: Buddhism as a Cure for Addiction, by Tom Pepper

Biography of an X-buddhist Thaumaturge, by Matthias Steingass




Come on, X-Buddhists, Pump up the Polemos!, by Glenn Wallis

Sitting, Full of Shit, by Adam S. Miller

Comfort-food Buddhism, by Tom Pepper

I've Done It!, by Matthias Steingass




On the Faith of Secular Buddhists, by Glenn Wallis

The X and the Non, by Matthias Steingass

Running from Zombie Buddhas, by Tom Pepper

Nagarjuna, Hume, and the God Particle, by Tom Pepper




Anicca as the Truth of Extinction, by Glenn Wallis

Practicing Myopia, by Adam S. Miller

Naturalizing Buddhism without being Reductive, by Tom Pepper 

No More Meditation!, by Matthias Steingass




On Buddhist Anti-intellectualism, by Tom Pepper

Atman, Aporia, and Atomism, by Tom Pepper

Meditation and Control, by Matthias Steingass

Mindful Lobotomy, by Glenn Wallis




Elixir of Mindfulness, by Glenn Wallis

Flinching, by Glenn Wallis

Should Buddhism be Therapy?, by Tom Pepper

Fanged Dialogue, by Glenn Wallis




Nascent Speculative Non-Buddhism, by Glenn Wallis

Nostalgia for the Buddha, by Glenn Wallis


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